June Student of the Month: Karmel Jaber


Our June student of the Month, Karmel Jaber, exemplifies a dedicated student with ambitious goals. Her class rank is 9th followed by a GPA of a 97.45. 

While juggling her academic work, Jaber also partakes in various extracurricular activities at Becton. These activities include the Environmental club, Key Club, Girls Helping Girls club, National Honors Society, and Math League. Jaber also volunteers at her Polish school and has made a tremendous difference there. She comments on her involvement in the community, “I like working with people and solving problems, it brings me satisfaction. I would like to continue that in the future. I like seeing the results when I do something positive for myself or others, and I would like to give others that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.” Jaber’s desire to help others is truly admirable! 

Without hesitation, Jaber’s mother is easily her biggest inspiration. She goes on about their strong bond and how much it impacts her. Jaber happily mentions, “My mother is very selfless, dependable, and hard working. She’s always done everything to make sure I can succeed and never looked down upon me for my mistakes. I would like to be as good of a mom to my kids as she has been to me.” Jaber and her mother spend much time together, they especially enjoy remodeling their garden together. This profound relationship has made it easier when dealing with hardships, as Jaber shares she has always had great support.

Furthermore, Jaber’s journey does not end here. Her ultimate goal is to have a family and a well-paying job. Though she would like to keep busy, she would also want to dedicate time to her family and hobbies. As the future slowly approaches, she sees herself as an accountant. Jaber would describe herself as independent therefore having control over her own schedule in the future is vital to her. 

After her time at Becton, Jaber hopes to earn her Master’s degree and graduate college with the highest GPA she can achieve. She is currently in between universities and is waiting for the right pick. Hopefully something a little closer to home. Jaber is on her way to do big things and we are rooting for her. Congratulations on your current and future successes, Karmel Jaber!