April Student of the Month: Yuna Lim


Her academic excellence and engagement in various clubs does not go unrecognized. Yuna Lim, who was named April’s Student of the Month, has paved her way into a bright future. From taking part in National Honors Society, Chick-Fil-A academy, Key club, and Environmental club while also being active in outside activities as well, Lim eagerly commits herself to anything she sets her mind to. Having said that, she will be attending University of Rochester for neuroscience and was accepted for the Dual Degree Nursing program. 

Alongside of many other responsibilities, Lim is heavily involved in her church community. Lim expresses,  “As an active volunteer at my church, I translate Korean and English readings, serve at weekly Sunday masses, and help organize events and activities for the Youth Group.  I also volunteer for a non-profit organization called “Letters For Rose,” where I write letters and create art pieces for nursing home residents who were isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” How inspiring! Her devotion has certainly made a difference. She mentions, “ I am also a Pediatric Cancer Research Intern at Hackensack Hospital, and a Nursing Education intern at Mountainside Hospital. I try to keep a good balance of schoolwork, fun, and charity work. Charity work and volunteering is one of my favorite hobbies because it’s rewarding knowing that I can help others.” While juggling this work, she still finds time to spend time with friends, listen to music, play tennis, and snowboard.

Lim proudly shares her well-earned achievements: “Some personal accomplishments I’m most proud of are the National Youth Leadership Forum Scholar in Medicine, Saint Andrew Kim Student Leader Certificate, and the merit and presidential scholarships I received from the University of Rochester, Rutgers, and Ramapo College.” Despite any difficulties, Lim persevered through it all and was greatly rewarded. 

Being a first generation student, Lim’s ambition flourishes constantly. With the push of her family, she continues to excel in every aspect of her life. Her parents and younger brother are her biggest inspiration. In a more heartfelt manner, Lim expresses “My mom is very special to me. My brother has severe nonverbal autism, and struggles with many disabilities, but watching my mom advocate for him against all odds inspires me the most. Being a caregiver for special needs is not easy so I try my best to be there for my mom as much as I can.” Having a great family support system has made a big impact on Lim as well as being a great example for her. 

Academically speaking, Lim’s class rank is 16 and her GPA is a 95. She has excelled in many rigorous courses, such as AP Physics, AP U.S History, AP U.S History 2, English Honors, Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors, World History honors, Dual Enrollment Anatomy, and Physiology. While Lim agrees that your education is vital, she proceeds to share, “I would say that academics is not everything. How you can help and what you can do with what you learn in school is very important. Knowing that you can use your talents and abilities to not only help yourself, but help those around you in your community is amazing.” With this, she is able to gain far new experiences. 

This is only the beginning for Lim. Her ultimate life goal is to advocate for special needs. She wants to become a Neurologist or Neuroscience nurse that specializes in pediatrics. Having witnessed the tribulations her brother has faced, her want to better our health system is rewarding in itself. Then, she later hopes to take a gap year and visit the West Coast!

As her final year comes to an end, we congratulate Lim on all her successes. Her positive character has inspired us all. Becton wishes you nothing but endless opportunities, Yuna Lim!