Feelings Go Deeper Than The Expression

Always remember you are not alone, and people are always there to comfort you.


Always remember you are not alone, and people are always there to comfort you.

Sometimes the brave face a person puts on can have a deeper hidden meaning. Hiding your true feelings can sometimes feel like the right option, but it may be the complete opposite. Mental health is something that can affect everyone. Whether it be from stress, anxiety, or depression, It can show up in many different forms, and sometimes it can be hard to express what you’re going through. Distancing yourself from the ones you love and being apprehensive toward the things you love doing, Can start to make how you feel even worse. Asking for help and working towards better, is better than keeping it hidden.  

Sometimes feelings go deeper than the expression that we see. (Unsplash)

Mental health is not something to be taken lightly. There can be many different forms of mental health, whether it be depression, anxiety, a mood disorder, or a form of PTSD mental health is a serious thing that should be taken care of. If you ever experience or witness someone experiencing a mental health problem, lend your support. Let them know that you are there for them and it’s okay. If you are looking for help within yourself and in school, go to a counselor and talk to them. They are there to help and listen to you. After asking Mr. Wills, SAC Counselor at Becton Highschool, about mental health he was able to provide some information. Being there for someone can go a long way. “Sometimes when we are going through a challenging situation we want a solution, whereas other times it’s just nice to vent, feel heard and supported, and know that someone else is there,” Wills stated. 

This school year has definitely been a unique experience, and one of the biggest things to look out for during these times is your own well-being. You might start to feel stressed, especially during the pandemic. Mr. Wills emphasized that stress and anxiety not only affect mental health but physical health as well.  Wills added, “Take COVID-19 for example- there is over a 30% increase in psychiatric hospital admissions for students your age over the past year due to social isolation, virtual learning challenges, and other stressors relating to the pandemic.” The crazy world we live in just makes everything around us more difficult and

Mental health is something that matters. Many people show support by attending marches, wearing merch, etc.

stressful. It’s good to look out for help and guidance when feeling overwhelmed. Becton students have a great place to look for help when it comes to mental health. Simply talking to a friend, a teacher, or a concealer. They are all there for you and are willing to listen. 

Mental health is something that affects 1 in 5 students before the age of 18. It is something that should be dealt with, with complete sincerity. If you start to feel or see a friend starting to deal with a mental health problem. Contact someone: a trusted adult, a friend, or even a counselor. In the long run, looking for the help that you need can go a long way.