Popular Art Challenges, like “World Art Day”, Allow Artists to Explore Unique Styles and an Endless Palette of Colors


Jeswin Thomas

Acrylic, oil, watercolor, etc. painting is considered to be one of the most well known styles of painting when it comes to getting a broader audience recognition.

Every year on April 15, artists around the world get together to express their distinguished art styles in an annual event known as World Art Day. Using modern technology, artists get to characterize their visionary illustrations to gain more attention and fans. Founded by Becky Mate, a formal artist, who took part in the A Better World Internationally holiday as a way for under-rated artists to gain media attention for their art. People who aren’t as skilled in detailed art are also allowed to participate through song-writing, poetry, photography, and more. Being expressive and articulate is one of the many reasons art is celebrated as a movement to strengthen creativity and visualization in the form of encouragement and contribution. 

More modern and up-to-date events such as Inktober and National Art Day, both celebrated in October, help this global movement keep its name. Because artists tend to favor and participate in challenges that will test their art skills, keeping up with the modern ways of traditional art or digital art could gain the artist a following. “There are many positive things to art such as improving in art skills and learning new techniques. However, I think that the expansion of someone’s talent caused by art challenges is a good thing,” explained student-artist Samantha Guzman. 

Around the world, artist’s use their art-styles and skills such as painting and drawing traditionally, to showcase their talents on social media. (Sarah Brown)

The inspiration for this holiday came from the idea that someone could be able to globally share and acknowledge the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci. Jake Parker, the founder, and creator of Inktober admitted on social media that the challenge was created for under-rated and popular artists to improve and develop their art skills. He claims that it’s also a unique way to showcase someone’s unique style.“Art has many different varieties and can be used for many things such as spreading awareness of things, used to advertise, used to convey feelings or emotions, it has endless purposes,” Guzman acknowledged. 

Throughout the years, “World Art Day” lost its title and original format, as other challenges and traditional art events took their place. In modern times, the term “World Art Day” is rarely used as artists might simply acknowledge an international event specifically by what it is. For example, the Different Art Style Challenge. Created by a 17-year-old Instagram artist known as @beautifulness87, the idea of this challenge was for artists around the world to take a character that they favor and draw it in different styles, opposite of what they normally would draw. As this challenge progressed, artists would claim that it would help them get rid of artist’s block, when they are stuck on an idea. 

“Myself and my friends, who enjoy creating art, tend to try different things on different difficulty levels to challenge ourselves,” shared sophomore Sophia DiDomenico.

Featured challenges such as The 100 Heads Challenge and the Draw This Again challenge help in providing the popularity and media attention of many artists around the world. Even though “World Art Day” isn’t popularly used under this term, artists internationally come together to learn and participate in these events to both learn and develop their art skills.