Everything You Need To Know About “Attack On Titan” Season 4 without the Spoilers

Fans around the world are more than excited for the upcoming season finale of Attack On Titan after Crunchyroll, a popular site for anime, released the fourth season poster


Fans around the world are more than excited for the upcoming season finale of Attack On Titan after Crunchyroll, a popular site for anime, released the fourth season poster

The final season of the Attack On Titan anime is here with their exclusive teasers for the new preliminary theme with it’s fourth and last season debut. With the final season launching world-wide today, the series has fans theorizing how it will play out. Following the first trailer premiere a few months back, announcements stated that the fourth season will be under a new production company, MAPPA. Attack On Titan made its first manga (graphic novel) debut in 2009 before earning an animated series in 2013. Not long after, the story’s unique choice of world-building had people interested in the story’s ark. Instead of a stereotypical storyline implying good vs evil, Attack On Titan focuses on different elements of fear and how it affects humans from different perspectives.

 “The plot of Attack On Titan is very unique and interesting, as well as the characters and the storyline,” explains Sophomore Samantha Guzman. The end of the show’s third season increased fan theories and scopes far beyond the original cast of characters. Taking into account the full trailer that has been released for the upcoming episodes, season four is going to expand its boundaries on the Attack On Titan universe even more. Season three was focused on the past with characters such as Grisha, Eren’s father, and the details behind the history of the Titans throughout the timeline. The premiere of the season 4 trailer was exciting because it felt like a completely different show. The majority of the features seen in the trailer had a different cast of characters that could represent Grisha’s past and/or Paradis Island, the destination for season four.

The final season of Attack On Titan has been confirmed to air with English subtitles in territories such as the U.S, Australia, Africa, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, and the U.K
(Crunchyroll.com )

 “The new characters in the trailer seem like they will be joining the team in the war. They seem like they’ll have a big impact on the final season as well,” hypothesizes Sophomore Alayna Mercado. 

When familiar characters like Eren, Mikasa, and Levi showed up in the trailer, their faces looked almost completely different as if they were different people. Because of this, it can be assumed that there will be a time jump either off-screen or throughout certain episodes.

 “I definitely think that Eren, the main protagonist and I guess antagonist, is going to end up killing everyone. I believe that Levi will have to step in to stop him like he told him he would do all the way back in the first season,” predicts Guzman.

 Attack On Titan Season 4 will likely consist of about 25 episodes, like season 3, which would provide an opportunity for a time jump either halfway through the season or in the end. It comes into view that this final season will thread the idea of Titans as human weapons to the extreme.

 “The characters in the show are known to have their flaws and be messy. They’re allowed to fail, they’re allowed to feel the worst emotions. And they’re also allowed to have confidence,” explains Mercado.

The thought of Titans becoming subcontracting and turned into an installation of the military is a sorrowfully realistic idea, even if the subject matter here is intensified. It’s enthralling to see that Attack on Titan will look this far into the cycle of Titans, as a notion, and how they’ve been treated throughout the series.