Saving the Earth One Water Bottle at a Time


G. Annitti

The Environmental Club shows off their hard work after cleaning up Becton.

Jessica Szewczyk, Staff: Sports

Environmental club’s ultimate goal is to be aware of what’s happening in this environment and finding small ways to have a big impact on our planet. We spoke with Junior Natalie Molina, who joined the club to be more aware of what’s happening in the environment, also to be with other students who want to be more involved. We also spoke to the director of the club Mrs. Annitti, to find out what this club entails.

Mrs. Annitti at the Grant honoring ceremony.

The students are ultimately striving towards making the school more environmentally conscious and promoting eco-friendly habits and products such as selling Nalgene reusable water bottles for only $10. The sale is still

ongoing and will be sold throughout the year. Not only that but with the grant money that the school has won for the past six years, they upgraded the filtered water fountains to have bottle filters to promote using reusable water bottles and to reduce plastic consumption. “The Bergen County

Utilities Authority is the organization who awards grant money to schools and they are very generous in awarding multiple schools the money” explains Mrs. Annitti.

Natalie Molino lends a helping hand during the Becton clean-up.

Students can continue to pursue this environmentalism outside of school by doing community work, reusing water bottles and limiting the amount of plastic they use.

The club has also organized a school clean-up and plan on doing more throughout the year. The students will soon be making a bulletin boards to go in the hallway that shows tips and environmental information so that other students can get interested in helping the environment. Even if it’s something small, a little change can have a big impact.